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Is that a..

Finished Object?! Why yes, yes it is. Witness the first ankle sock for my Sockapaltwoza pal!

Doesn't my right foot look jealous?

But wait, there's more.

You probably didn't notice that I'd slyly added another WIP on my left sidebar, but I did. (I know, I changed the colour-scheme and it all just got hazy, right? It wasn't that no one reads, I just know it ^_^) So, here's a pic of the first third or so of the Ribbed Shrug from the Summer 05 Interweave.

Paton's Katrina - Glacier

And a thread over on the Knittyboard made me start to think I could maybe use some point protectors. I don't ever use them, but a bit of inspiration occured while I was at the store the other day, when I passed by some Crayola Model Magic. And I had to make some penguins to protect whatever projects I'll toss on Size 8s. (Read: Apricot Jacket).

Aren't they cute?

Hopefully they're durable enough to withstand my wear and tear! Looking at my pictures here, I really need to become a bit more adept with the old camera I think. Happy Fourth of July for those of the American persuasion! I will celebrate my holiday by: working! Because my job sucks. At least I'm getting paid double, which is almost something to celebrate. :)

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