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Today Was a Good Day!

So, today, I had a doctor's appointment, it was kind of a bummer, but really it could have gone worse. I came home to:

This guy

My Knit Picks Order

And my super hot package from my Secret Pal. Who is awesome. Seriously.

And at least while I was at the doctor's I got some knitting done..

Whitby Socks from Knitting on the Road

Let's see.. Where to begin, since I've been gone, I uh, finished the Azkaban scarf, and gave it to the lady at work. Oh my goodness, I thought she was going to pee her pants. This of course, made me happy. I gave it to her on Friday, and told her to have a very happy Harry Potter day on Saturday. She wore it all day. I was so proud. Dude seriously, it made knitting for eighty bajilliondy minutes so totally worth it. I also finished my Sock Pal's sock

I promise I washed my feet first

These actually took so little yarn that I may make a pair for myself out of the matching skein. Oh my goodness, I'd look like such a goon. "Here are your socks complete stranger, I have a totally matching pair!" But they were comfy when I was modeling them.

If you can tell in the Knit Picks order though, I'm doing good on sock yarn, that's four pairs (OH MY GOODNESS, OR EIGHT ANKLE SOCKS) there, and my pair of Cigar Gloves too. Of course, I'm not keeping all that sock yarn. That in conjunction with the probably 4 pairs-worth I bought at JoAnn's Firefly sale, and the two pairs I bought there on sale last night is enough to keep me busy. I really don't need enough socks to knit my way to the moon or anything. Yet.

And my secret pal, who could not have timed it better, I got a nice note (which was really nice), a new Ipod cozy (that is modeled above, already carrying my Ipod), an awesome brooch (which I'm wearing tomorrow), and: The Comfort Zone DPNs. Oh my goodness. My Secret Pal is the bestest person like ever. Which reminds me, I actually need to get some free time, to make it to the post office, so I can send *my* pal her next package. The last bit arrived today. (Note: I suppose if my secret pal happens to read my blog, and receives something she happened to spot on my blog, I suppose my cover is blown!) Other than that, working on my questionnaire for the Knitty SP5 (soo confusing..) and working on my new blog. Yes, I'm probably relocating my little slice of the net, I'll definantly keep it updated as to what happens and where I end up. I hope everyone else has a knit-tacular day as well!